Earlier work – Selected work since 1982 

Sod of Earth 2013 (After Dürer) Digital Photograph
Sod of Earth, 2013
Magnolia 2016 Digital Photograph Art
Magnolia, 2016
Fifehead Magdalen 2013 Digital Photograph Art
Fifehead Magdalen, 2013
Stream 2014 Art Print
Stream, 2014
Down by the River 2016 Photograph Print Art
Down by the River, 2016
Botanical Study 1994 Found Plastic and Silk Flowers on a Table Still Life Dutch
Botanical Study, 1994
Flowers 1994 Plastic in White Bottles Found objects Sculpture Art
Flowers, 1994
Speed of Light 1982 Stop Motion Bike Cycling into the Void
Speed of Light, 1982 / Bath Academy of Art